Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the admin of Entrepreneur Unified? is administered by Shebin John (also known as “Remedcu”). He is a SEO expert, and has been working for MyTrafficValue until April, 2016. He is also a php-coder and a designer. Those skills have helped him design the homepage of Entrepreneur Unified using the bootstrap template all by himself! Besides, the logo and the banners of Entrepreneur Unified have been created by him, as well! He has taken part in many online programs in terms of his online career, and has come up with a sustainable business model that has the power to help everyone earn some extra money online! 


Is the registration free?

Yes, no membership (or anything like that) is required for signing up at this time. Feel free to create your account and start buying our Royalty Positions and Advertising products for absolutely NO extra cost!


When can I start earning? provides you with multiple money-making opportunities! We have implemented a 2-level Referral Commission Structure that lets you earn generous commissions on your referrals’ Upgrade and Advertising purchases!

Other than that, we’ll have a lot of different sources of revenue once we start creating the products for our Portfolio, and reap the profits that they’ll be bringing in. If you own a part of our Royalty Positions, then you’re qualified for receiving a fixed percentage (based on the total number of your Royalty Positions) of our weekly net profits – in simple words, all our Royalty Position holders receive their dividends on a weekly basis. Besides, you are free to sell your Royalty Positions at a higher price, later on!

The main (and the most profitable) way of earning with the help of Entrepreneur Unified is to refer other people to us and motivate them to buy our Royalty Positions. We’re the best and the most unique Crowdfunding Platform in this industry and we will definitely be around for many, many years to come! That’s why you can be sure that telling other people about Entrepreneur Unified is worth your time and energy!


Do you have an Affiliate System?

Yes, of course!
We generously share 33% of all the money we earn when your referrals sell their Royalty Positions!

Thus, you earn a whole 18% on your 1-Level referrals’ transaction fees value, and 15% on your 2-Level referrals’ transaction fees value!


May I have multiple accounts?

No, it is strictly forbidden to have more than one account!


Is Entrepreneur Unified a RevShare / Cycler / GH & PH or Paid-To-Click program?

No, it definitely is NOT!


How is Entrepreneur Unified different from the other programs?

The Entrepreneur Unified company provides its members with a unique earning opportunity – and, namely, joining the rest of the world in crowdfunding the future products of the company! Those who choose to participate can purchase Royalty Positions and start enjoying their weekly dividends!

Entrepreneur Unified, in its turn, will use the funds that have been raised for creating various profitable online ventures. The revenues from those ventures will go towards paying the weekly dividends of our Royalty Position holders, thus, returning them the favor of crowdfunding the very start of Entrepreneur Unified!


What Payment Processors do you accept?

Currently, we accept PayzaSolidTrustPayPerfect Money, BitCoin, Payeer. Besides, we accept LTC, Dogecoin, Blackcoin, dash, dogecoin, ether, lisk, mintcoin, nubits, namecoin, novacoin, peercoin, startcoin, vertcoin via Coinpayment APIs!

Also, OkPay via Payeer API!

Also, you can fund us through AdvCash or Bank Wire, for this you need to send us a support ticket, and we will guide you through this process.

Anyways, we’ll keep adding more Payment Processors to the list as we move forward!

If you think that we should start accepting a certain Payment Processor, don’t hesitate to tell us about it, opening a support ticket regarding the matter!


What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum sum for depositing is $5.


What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum sum to be cashed out is $5.


Is this business model sustainable?

Yes, this business is 100% sustainable! Our business model is very similar to the one used in the offline-world crowdfunding. Join us in order to start enjoying all the benefits of using our system (including our multiple advertising options)!


How do you make money for paying royalties/dividends?

At this time, our profits come from these sources:

- Advertising Revenues - The profits generated by selling our Advertising Products

(Text Advertising, Banner Advertising etc.)

- Transaction Fees – All the transactions (like withdrawals, deposits and the buying and selling of Royalty Positions) are taxed with certain transaction fees - and these fees contribute to the total net income of the company, as well!

Moreover, we’ll be developing additional revenue streams in the nearest future. Our plans regarding the matter include working in the following spheres: Merchandising, Games, Advertising, Traffic Exchange and many more!


What is the Royalty Position market?

Royalty Positions are the asset that can be bought and sold. The Royalty Position market allows you to purchase and/or sell Royalty Positions from/to other members of Entrepreneur Unified. The price of the Royalty Positions is fully determined by the market, and, therefore, the Administration of Entrepreneur Unified has no direct or indirect connection with it!


How do Royalty Positions work?

Each Royalty Position entitles you to a certain percentage of our weekly net income - and you receive your weekly dividends, depending on the total amount of Royalty Positions you have. Besides, you can sell your Royalty Positions at the Royalty Position market whenever you want.


Do I have to be a registered member of in order to purchase Royalty Positions?

Yes, you have (at this time). We use cashier functions in order to facilitate the sales on our site, and you must have a registered Entrepreneur Unified account in order to be able to access the corresponding pages!


How do I buy Royalty Positions?

The only way to purchase the Royalty Positions is via using the Royalty Position market. The price is fully determined by demand and supply. You can place a bid at your desired price and wait for it to be fulfilled by another person, or you can make a quick purchase. In order to buy quickly, fulfill the lowest sell-offer (the sell-offer with the lowest price).


How do I sell my Royalty Positions?

The only way to sell your Royalty Positions is via using the Royalty Position market. The price is fully determined by demand and supply. You can place a bid at your desired price and wait for it to be fulfilled by another person, or you can make a quick sale. In order to sell quickly, accept the highest buy-offer (the buy-offer with the highest price).


Is there a limit on the amount of Royalty Positions I can buy?

You can buy as many Royalty Positions as there are offered for sale on the Royalty Position market.


When can I sell my Royalty Positions?

You can sell your Royalty Positions whenever the Royalty Position market is open (which happens in 99% of the time).


Why isn’t the Royalty Position price rising?

The Royalty Position price is supposed to rise when new products launch, new revenues are made, new advertisements are bought and/or more people become engaged in our Crowdfunding Platform. The Royalty Position price depends on everybody’s perception of our company.


What are “Royalty Positions”?

Royalty Positions are a special sort of “shares” that entitle you to receiving a fixed percentage of the total net income of our company in the form of dividends and basing on your stake in the company. That is, you will be receiving your weekly dividends depending on how many Royalty Positions you own.

For example, if you have 10% of the total amount of the Royalty Positions our company has, you will be receiving 10% of our net income in the form of dividends on a weekly basis (if the requirement of the minimum amount of revenue that can be shared is met!). You can buy and sell Royalty Positions at the market.


What’s up with the “Advertisement Credits”?

Currently, we offer you Text Ad credits and Banner Ad credits when you buy Royalty Positions from the company itself. Once we officially open the market (after the Prelaunch phase), this offer will end. Also, you can buy our high-quality Advertisement credits directly from the purchase page – and use those credits for promoting your own business opportunities!


How many credits will I “pay” for each Banner and Text Ad impression?

The number of Advertising credits that are taken for the view/impression of each kind of Advertisement is different. You can find a detailed description of how much you will be charged for all the possible kinds of Ad impressions below:

Text Ad impression - 1 Credit

125x125 Banner Ad impression - 1 Credit
468x60 Banner Ad impression - 2 Credits
728x90 Banner Ad impression - 3 Credits


Updated: 22 July 16 SJ